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Top 7 Bars To Visit In Wellington


Wellington is a very popular place among tourists. Every year, many people travel all across the world to visit Wellington. During the night and even day time, you can visit different bars and restaurants. Here, we are going to discuss the top-rated bars that you can find in Wellington.

Hawthorne Lounge

It is a great place for people to enjoy some awesome drinks. It is a cocktail bar and has a great environment. The place is dimly lit andlooks a lot like a set from an old film. You can have crazy cocktails like the blue cheese and chocolate cocktail.

CGR Merchant & Co

Not many people will find the bar unless they know about it. The appearance of this bar is very low profile, yet it’s very sophisticated. You can choose from different cocktails, rum, and other drinks. Here you can choose your flavour and create your own unique cocktails.

Top 7 Bars To Visit In Wellington CGR Merchant Co - Top 7 Bars To Visit In Wellington


This bar is located in Newtown and is quite popular among the locals and visitors alike. Unlike the environment of other bars, this bar is perfect for afternoon gatherings as well.Here you will find canned beers, whiskey, and other drinks.

You can even have good meals here. If you are looking for a casual way of having good time, then you should visit this bar.

Little Beer Quarter

This bar provides lots of drink options. There are fourteen rotating taps and lots of beers to choose from. The bartenders here are very knowledgeable about the beer business. They can tell you what ingredients is used in specific beers, and how they are processed.

You will learn a lot about the different beer manufacturers. You will also be able to do a fun beer tasting.

Havana Bar

If you are looking for a place for your weekend brunch, then you must visit the Havana Bar. It has wine, beer, rum, and other choices of drinks. You will love the environment and you will have a good time with your friends. You can hear local music and enjoy different live performances every week.

Foxglove Bar & Kitchen

Here you will find different ranges of wines and exclusive whiskeys. You can have traditional cocktails with a twist that reflect the culture and taste of New Zealand. It is a classic venue for having a drink and relaxing.

The Library Bar

This bar is for book enthusiasts. You will find books covering the walls. So, you can drink and read at the same time. Here you will find a great selection of cocktails. You can also listen to live jazz music.

Now you know which bars to visit when you are in Wellington. Each of these bars has unique characteristics and you should choose one according to your preference. You can have great beers, cocktails and other popular drinks while enjoying the ambiance and setting.