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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Beer In A Newtown Bar


When you visit Newtown you will find plenty of bars there. The residents there love beer and wine; so the bar business has grown over the years. For the locals, it is very easy to pick a beer at a bar as they already know how most of the beers taste.

But if you are only a visitor then you need to be cautious when selecting just any beer in the bar.

It may not taste like what you commonly have where you’re from or what you are used to. Here are some tips for choosing the right beer in a Newtown bar.


The colour of the beer is usually red, black amber or brown. So, when choosing beer, always stick to these colours. You should see how clear the beer is. The clarity indicates the quality of the beer.


You will find beer of different aromas which includes malty, fruity or even floral. You should pick one that you like. Aroma plays a big role when having a beer. If you don’t like the aroma, chances are you won’t like or enjoy the taste of the beer.


You should know what the beer is made from. You need to choose between lagers and ales. Lagers are light in colour and have a familiar taste. Ales are darker, stronger and fruitier. The ingredients of summer and winter beer vary. By knowing the ingredients, it will be easier for you to pick the beer you will enjoy.


It is safe to choose beer made by a renowned manufacturer. Beer that is made by microbreweries is also of high quality. They brew the beer maintaining high quality. By having beer made by a microbrewery you will also be supporting the local brewers.

They are also called craft breweries. So, when you are in Newtown, look for bars that serve beers made by craft breweries.

When choosing beer you need to consider these things. If the aroma or colour doesn’t appeal to you then you shouldn’t have that beer as you will not get the taste you want. If you are not an expert in choosing the right beer, then it is better to go for a popular beer.

Beer manufactured by craft breweries is of high quality. By knowing these features of beer you will never go wrong in selecting the right beer in a bar in Newtown.

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