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4 Most Popular Types Of Wines You Will Find In A Bar


Wine is a popular drink all over the world. People drink wine to celebrate different occasions, or just to have a good time with friends and families.

When you visit a bar in Newtown, Wellington or anywhere else, you will find a wide selection of wines. It can be quite difficult to choose the right wine. Here are some popular wines that you can find in most bars, including bars in Newtown.

Pinot Grigio

It is an Italian wine that is popular worldwide. It is very easy to drink and has a wonderful taste. The styles of this wine can vary depending on how it is made and where it is made.

It is light and has a very low alcohol level, so it is a favourite among those who don’t like strong drinks. It has a fruity flavour that most people like. It goes well with fish and chicken, so it is a good option to have during dinner time.

4 Most Popular Types Of Wines You Will Find In A Bar Pinot Grigio - 4 Most Popular Types Of Wines You Will Find In A Bar


It is made from the most popular grapes, so it is widely available. It is produced in two different ways; one is aged in oaks and the other is not. The latter is made from malolactic fermentation and has a crisp and clean appearance and aroma. The former one has a buttery taste.

Pinot Noir

Red wine drinkers love the fruity taste of this popular wine. You can find it in various flavours including dark fruit to horseradish. The French Burgundy is popular when celebrating different occasions.

Though these wines are expensive, you will find affordable versions in Wellington and other parts of New Zealand.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It has a rich and bold flavour that makes it very popular among the red wine drinkers. It has flavours of black pepper, black currant, and anise. It goes well with red meat. The grapes used in making this wine is widely grown in South America. This wine is available all over the world.

Different types of wine go with different occasions and moods. You must make sure that you pair the wine with the right meal; otherwise, you won’t get the right flavour. You need to be a little educated about wine and that way you will be able to enjoy drinking it even more.